Executive Directory

The People of the Society

Executive Committee 2017-2018

President Dr. Arthur Ameis
First Vice-President Mr. Joseph Caprara
Second Vice-President Dr. James Kovacs
Third Vice-President Mr. Patrick Hawkins
Treasurer Dr. Bruce Paitich
Secretary Ms. Jennifer Hunter
Past-President Ms. Valerie Wise

Council 2017-2018

Ms. Erica Baron Dr. Michael Corbett Dr. David Corey
Mr. Lloyd Hoffer Dr. Brian Kirsh Ms. Andrea Lim
Ms. Pinta Maguire Dr. Barry Malcolm Mr. Gary Mazin
Dr. Nicholas Pairaudeau Ms. Meghan Payne Dr. Neil Rau
Dr. Lisa Richardson Dr. Jack Richman Mr. Salvatore Shaw
Ms. Kadey Schultz Mr. Gordon Slemko Dr. A. Toguri
  Ms. Dena Varah 

Committees 2017-2018

Submissions Committee Outreach Committee
Chair:  Miss Philippa Samworth Co-Chair:  Mr. Gordon Slemko
  Co-Chair:  Dr. Nicholas Pairaudeau
Membership Committee Program Committee
Chair:  Dr. Michael Corbett Co-Chair:  Dr. Howard Seiden
  Co-Chair: Mr. Joseph Caprara
  Member:  Ms. Kadey Schultz

Member: Dr. David Corey