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Past Programs and Events

Past Programs and Events 2006 - Present 



January Changes to the RHPA (1.5 hrs CPD Substantive)
February CATapult (3.5 hrs CPD Substantive)
February Medical Assistance in Dying (1.5 hrs CPD Substantive)
April Spring Bouquet (1.5 hrs CPD Substantive)
May MLST Annual Dinner
October A Pot Pourri of Medico-Legal Cases 2017 (1.5 hrs CPD Substantive)
October Medical Expert  (2.5 hrs CPD Substantive)
November Chronic Pain (3 hrs CPD Substantive)
January QCIPA (1.5 hrs CPD Substantive)
February Kitty/CAT (3.5 hrs CPD Substantive)
March PAD (1 hr Audio Conference)
March MIG (1.5 hrs CPD Substantive)
May MLST Annual Dinner
September A Pot Pourri of Medico-Legal Cases 2016 (1.5 hrs CPD Substantive)
November Accident Benefits Primer 2016 (3 hrs CPD Substantive)


February Cataclysmic (3.5 hrs CPD Substantive)
April Ontario Forensic Pathology Service Tour
May Centre of Forensic Sciences Tour
May Travel Insurance - Is Yours Valid? (3 hrs CPD Substantive)
May MLST Annual Dinner
September A Pot Pourri of Medico-Legal Cases 2015 (1.5 hrs CPD Substantive)
November MLST Wine & Cheese Social 2015


January Crisis Intervention (1 hr CPD Substantive)
February CATch Me if You Can: The Ever Evolving World of Catastrophic Claims (3.5 hrs CPD Substantive)
March Communications between Counsel and Experts Moore v. Getahun - Have we entered a new era? (2 hrs CPD Substantive)
May MLST Annual Dinner
June Mental Health in the Law (3.0 hrs CPD Professionalism)
September A Pot Pourri of Medico-Legal Cases 2014 (1.5 hrs CPD Substantive)
October Chiropractic Manipulation and Stroke (1 hr CPD Substantive)
November The Wild West of Medical Marijuana  (2.5 hrs CPD Substantive)
November MLST Wine & Cheese Social 2014


January The Treatment of Spouses: Can You or Can’t You? (1 hr Audio Conference)
January Is Genetics Reshaping the Physician’s Duty to Patients?
February Who let the CAT out of the Bag? (3.5 hrs CPD Substantive)
April Capacity Assessments (Accredited by CFPC and 1.0 hrs CPD Professionalism and 3.0 hrs CPD Substantive)
May Acquired Brain Injury Litigation and Medicine (3.0 hrs CPD Substantive)
May Hospital Privileges (1 hr Audio Conference)
May MLST Annual Dinner
September A “Pot Pourri” of Medico-Legal Cases 2013 (1.5 hrs CPD Substantive)
October The Fight Against Fraud (.75 Professionalism Hour(s). Up to 2.25 Substantive Hours)
November The SCC Decision in the Rasouli Case (1.5 hrs CPD Substantive)
November The Emerging Definition of the SABS and the Arbitration Process (1 hr Audio Conference)
December MLST Wine & Cheese


January Expert Reports (3 hrs CPD Substantive)
February CAT 2012 (3.5 hrs CPD Substantive)
March The End of Life as we Know it (1 hr Audio Conference)
March You Show Me Yours and I’ll Show You Mine: DOCTORS SHOW & TELL ALL (2.5 hrs CPD/session or 5.5 hrs for the full day)
May MLST Annual Dinner
September A “Pot Pourri” of Medico-Legal Cases
October Doctors and Lawyers on the Road to Peace and Human Dignity
November Low Velocity Collision Injuries: State of the Art   (3 hrs CPD Substantive)
November Forensic Toxicology & Medicolegal Death Investigations
December MLST Wine & Cheese


January MLST 60th Anniversary Event
February Catastrophic Impairment
March ECT’s
May MLST Annual Dinner
September Concussions Can Be Prevented
November Psychiatry in a War Zone
December MLST Wine & Cheese


January An Inquest into the Death of Mr. O. Man Winter
February Exoskeleton and Stem Cells
May MLST Annual Dinner
September The Health Professions Appeal and Review Board: Best Practices in Advocacy
October The Changing Role of Physician Leadership in Ontario's Public Hospitals
December Police Crisis Negotiation: Tactical, Medical and Legal Perspective


January Lessons from the Gouge Inquiry
February Regulating Professional Behaviour: Balancing Abusive Behaviour with Abuse of Process
March The Science of Sleep
April Mock CAT Arbitration
May MLST Annual Dinner
October Duty and Privilege: Keeping the ‘Ex’ out of Expert Witness
November Fertility


January Hollywood Meets Tort Reform. Videotaping Medical Assessments:Medical Legal Issues
February Electronically Exposed:The impact of the Internet on the Practice of Medicine and Law
April Forensic Science Experience
May MLST Annual Dinner
December The Science of Sleep – should sleep be the 6th “Vital Sign”


February Organ Donation: Do You Know Where Your Organs are Tonight?
April MLST Hospital Day
May MLST Annual Dinner: Get the Dope on The Drug Trial
June MLST Hospital Day
September Chronic Pain: What has the Supreme Court of Canada Case Done for us Lately?
November The Consequences of Transparency: Reporting Medical and Legal Errors


September HPRAC’s New Directions for Heath professionals: Is it Whistle Bowing or Blowing in the Wind
October Doctors Show and Tell All / Lawyers Show and Tell All
November Life after DAC’s Part II



Medical Assistance in Dying - The Medical Perspective on the New Normal