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The Society was created 70 years ago by a group of distinguished doctors and lawyers. Its purpose was to improve the dialogue between these two great professions and to address, in a real way, difficult public issues that touch each, including informed consent, catastrophic impairment, the Human Tissues Act, and the role and approach to doctors as witnesses.

We continue to explore, debate and discuss these topics in a robust way - join the Society to see how you can contribute and benefit. 


Membership in the Society is open to application by members of the medical and legal professions as well as others involved in or interested in medicine, law, or science.

“Since its earliest days, the main purpose of the MLST continues to be: To enrich the membership with an ongoing educational experience offered by both professions to each other. The members understand the high moral standard expected of them and hold each other in mutual respect.”

Dr. W.M. Geisler, M.D., FRCP (C)


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The MLST is proud to present two awarda, annually, to deserving members: THE MEDICO-LEGAL SOCIETY OF TORONTO AWARD and THE GRANT FARROW AWARD

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