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The Medico-Legal Society of Toronto has made a number of other publications available to the public and its members. Its aim is to raise awareness about the issues that are contained in different publications.


The 2021 MLST Medico-Legal Report is a major publication on the issue of expert reports and testimony which has evolved over a period of nearly 40 years.

The Report has attempted to keep members of the health care and legal professions informed and up-to-date on principles and practices relating to the preparation and presentation of proper expert opinion and evidence in legal proceedings.

This area of the law is constantly evolving. Members of the professions who need to keep abreast of current jurisprudence relating to expert testimony should attend all three components of the program so that they will be informed about the proper approach to the presentation of expert opinion evidence.

The program is designed for a multi-disciplinary audience. Anyone involved in performing, writing, and reviewing medico-legal reports needs to attend this high-quality educational program.



Submission of The Medico-Legal Society of Toronto to The Honourable Coulter Osborne, QC

Medico-Legal Report 2008