Meet Our Silver Member Sponsors

MLST is proud to have the support of our Silver Member Dr. Michael Corbett. With expertise in legal applications of toxicology (alcohol, cannabis, other drugs, chemicals), Dr. Corbett is board certified in forensic toxicology and has over 30 years of full-time experience.  He received his Ph.D. in chemistry from U of T in 1989 and an LL.M. from Osgoode in 2011.  He is an adjunct professor of forensic drug chemistry/toxicology at Ontario Tech University and has been responsible for and taught in several forensic science courses at U of T.  He is a member of several professional organizations and currently serves as the First Vice President of the MLST, and Vice Chair of the Alcohol, Drug and Impairment Division of the National Safety Council.  Dr. Corbett has been professionally engaged in thousands of legal cases and has testified as an expert witness over 950 times.  Services are retained by counsel for defendant or plaintiff, criminal defence or prosecution, and other legal fields.  Further information at