Past Presidents

Our Leaders of the Past

The Medico-Legal Society of Toronto

The Medico-Legal Society of Toronto was founded in 1950 by a group of doctors and lawyers to promote medical, legal and scientific knowledge, cooperation and understanding between the professions in the interest of justice and in the best interests of patients and clients.

The objectives of the Society are:

A) The promotion of medical, legal and scientific knowledge in all its aspects.

B) The promotion of co-operation, tolerance and understanding among the professions in the interest of justice and the best interest of the patient and client.

The following is a chronology of past Presidents to the current President of the MLST, which traditionally alternates between a legal professional and a physician:  

        T.N. Phelan, Q.C. (1950-1951)          
Dr. G. Boyer (1951-1952) 
The Hon. Mr. Justice E. Haines (1952-1953)
Dr. J. MacFarlane (1953-1954)
A. MacDonald, Q.C. (1954-1955)        
Dr. A. Stokes (1955-1956)
J.D. Bell, Q.C. (1956-1957)    
 K. Gray, Q.C. (1957-1958)
E. Silk, Q.C. (1958-1959)
Dr. F. Dewar (1959-1960)
The Hon. Mr. Justice C.D. Stewart (1960-1961)
Dr. W. Anderson (1961-1962)
The Hon. Mr. Justice B. Shapiro (1962-1963)
Dr. J. Richardson (1963-1964)
P.C.B. Pepper, Q.C. (1964-1965)
Dr. S. Gordon (1965-1966)
D. Elliott, Q.C. (1966-1967)
Dr. R. Galloway (1967-1968)
A. Leal, Q.C. (1968-1969)
Dr. T. Morley (1969-1970)
Professor J. Edwards (1970-1971)
Dr. E. Simmons (1971-1972)
B. Legge, Q.C. (1972-1973)
Dr. A. Purdy (1973-1974)
K. Howie, Q.C. (1974-1975)
Dr. G. Sawyer (1975-1976)
The Hon. Mr. Justice H. Krever (1976-1977)
Dr. W. Paul (1977-1978)
The Hon. Mr. Justice D. Griffiths (1978-1979)
Dr. J. Dawson (1979-1980)
J. Chercover, Q.C. (1980-1981)
Dr. L. Harnick (1981-1982)
I. Outerbridge, Q.C. (1982-1983)
Dr. I. Hector (1983-1984)
W. Wigle, Q.C. (1984-1985)
Dr. G. Hart (1985-1986)
R. A. Stradiotto, Q.C. (1986-1987)
Dr. T.R.H. Box (1987-1988)
The Hon. Mr. Justice C. Campbell, Q.C. (1988-1989)
Dr. N. Lithwick (1989-1990)
C. MacIntyre, Q.C. (1990-1991)
Dr. G. Farrow (1991-1992)
The Hon. M. Justice M.L. Benotto (1992-1993)
Dr. W.O. Geisler (1993-1994)
Brian J.E. Brock, Q.C. (1994-1995)
Dr. R. Charles Bull (1995-1997)
J. J. Colangelo (1997-1998)
Dr. W. H. Harris (1998-1999)
Michael T. J. McGoey (1999-2000)
Dr. J.R. Carlisle (2000-2001)
Dr. James G. Young (2001-2002)
John J. Morris (2002-2003)
Dr. Richard Isaac (2003-2004),
Maria L. Z. McDonald (2004-2005)
Dr. Barry W. Malcolm (2005-2006)
The Hon. Mr. Justice M.K. McKelvey (2006-2007)
Dr. Bonita Porter (2007-2008)
Philippa G. Samworth (2008-2009)
Dr. Brian Butler (2009-2010)
Michael B. Fraleigh (2010-2011)
Dr. Harold Becker (2011-2012)
Ms. Fiona Brown (2012-2013)
Dr. Laura Hawryluck (2013-2014)
Ms. Daphne Jarvis (2014-2015)
Dr. David Evans (2015-2016)
Ms. Valerie Wise (2016-2017)

Dr. Arthur Ameis (2017-2018)