Administration/Program Coordinator

Administration/Program Coordinator – Part Time Consultant

Job Description

The MLST is seeking to fill the position of Administration/Program Coordinator. This PART-TIME consultant position is ideally suited for someone who can work autonomously from a home based office, accessing and utilizing modern technology in the provision of administrative and event coordination responsibilities at various Toronto locations throughout the year.

Program Coordination

Working with and in conjunction with the Program Committee, undertake all necessary event management activities including:

Attendance at and event coordination (between 8-10 events per year – usually between September and June)



Be the first point of contact with Members, Potential Members, Suppliers and other Stakeholders ensuring timely follow up and communication flow.

Telephone/Communication Services

Be available to answer telephone calls directly no less than two half days each week and daily for the week prior to any MLST event.
Will answer all telephone, fax, email, and post inquiries.  Where unable to answer inquires, will see direction from appropriate Council member
Respond as appropriate to voice-mail messages



Membership Services

Will ensure that all membership issues are dealt with accurately, and in a timely fashion including:

Website Management

At times, may be required to undertake:


Assist bookkeeper in accurately maintaining and processing records.

Compensation: $20.00 per hour
Approximate number of hours per year: 600
Average hours per week 15 (varies with events schedule, may be as high as 30 at peak periods)

To apply, please provide a cover letter and your resume to: